Raine Heidenberg is a residential and commercial interior designer based in Manhattan and Montauk.  Raine was born in New York, grew up in Montreal and attended Brandeis University for Theater and Philosophy. She received her Masters degree in Interior Design from The Pratt Institute.

Raine is dedicated to creating interiors that are not only beautiful, but also inspiring and regenerative; places that nurture communication and interaction, with our surroundings, other people and our inner selves.  By working closely with her clients, Raine is able to create designs that respond to her clients’ particular needs and desires while seamlessly integrating her vision into appropriate architectural, historical and geographic contexts. 

Raine creates striking spaces and designs custom furniture rendered with the utmost attention to detail.  With a keen understanding of materials, Raine upholds craftsmanship and designs with integrity. The result is design with solid, honest construction and optimum functionality.  

Environmentally and socially responsible principles are embedded in the design philosophy of Raine Heidenberg Interior Design. Raine is qualified as a LEED Green Associate.  Raine’s experience and continuing research in all aspects of responsible design and lifestyle benefits those clients who are interested in the latest eco-friendly products, practices and technologies.